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Want to Learn About Making a Good Buck on the Internet? Willing to Do Some Hard Work to Get There? Then This Newsletter is For You!

Are You Finally Ready To Learn Different Techniques For Building Your Business And Growing Your On-line Income? Then This Newsletter IS For YOU!

Many great ideas have been borrowed from Disney and other successful corporations and adapted to small business. I am constantly looking for new and better ways to make money...and when I find them I'm going to write them up in The Great Ideazine for you.

The Great Ideazine is chock full of really important information for small business owners and anyone even considering making money on-line!

The goal of The Great Ideazine is to bring you all of the Great Ideas for your small business.

The Great Ideazine Archive

Although most of the early (monthly) issues of The Great Ideazine have been lost due to hardware failures, I am posting new issues as they are sent out. I will add previous issues as I find them.

I was trying to access the old newsletters on this site, when I realized that the new format of the website made them inaccessible! It took a little bit of work, but I think that they are mainly available now. You should be aware, that some of them are very old and may contain links to sites or offers that no longer exist.

If you notice a problem with an issue of the archives, please drop me a note at my support site.

Have a great day.

Mr Idea

Jim Green

Issue #263 - Super-effective Sales Pages
Issue #262 - Seven Simple Steps To Traffic
Issue #261 - Content Marketing
Issue #260 - Success The Hard Truth
Issue #259 - Finite Sales Infinite Access
Issue #258 - From Café to Walled City
Issue #257 - Quick and Dirty Physical Products Final
Issue #256 - Quick and Dirty Physical Products Part 3
Issue #255 - Quick and Dirty Physical Products Part 2
Issue #254 - Quick and Dirty Physical Products
Issue #253 - Breath New Profits Into Old Products
Issue #252 - Domain Flipping for Fun and Profit
Issue #251 - 8 Step Video Creation Process from Andy Jenkins
Issue #250 - Making It On Twitter
Issue #249 - Making Money In The Forums
Issue #248 - The New Leverage Formula
Issue #247 - The Rules They Are A Changing - not the FTC rules
Issue #246 - Stephen Pierce Video Summary
Issue #245 - Craig Perrine at Unseminar 7
Issue #244 - Nathan Anderson at Unseminar 7
Issue #243 - Dr. Joe Vitale and Wendi Frieson at Unseminar 7
Issue #242 - Erica Douglass at Unseminar 7
Issue #241 - Eric Farewell at Unseminar 7
Issue #240 - Marlon Sanders at Unseminar 7
Issue #239 - How To Market With Facebook Fan Pages
Issue #238 - How to Generate Extra Sales Using Seasonal Marketing
Issue #237 - The 37 Principles of Speed Wealth
Issue #236 - Speed Sales for Fun & Profit
Issue #235 - Generating More Traffic
Issue #234 - Make Money With CPA
Issue #233 - 5 Steps to Using Videos to Skyrocket Your Affiliate Sales!
Issue #232 - Two Quick Off-line Businesses For You
Issue #231 - How To Analyse Your Advertising Problems
Issue #230 - Seven Steps To A Successful Presentation - Part 2
Issue #229 - Seven Steps To A Successful Presentation
Issue #228 - Creating A Killer Squeeze Page
Issue #227 - Launching Your Own Membership Site
Issue #226 - Their Blog, Your Post
Issue #225 - The "It Must Be Free" Mentality
Issue #224 - How to Create Valuable Information Products Easily and Quickly
Issue #223 - How To Use Amazon To Build High Quality Articles Quick
Issue #222 - How To Write Articles Fast And Kill Writers Block
Issue #221 - An Easy Way To Get Started Writing Your Own Articles
Issue #220 - Motivational Tips For Writing Your First Traffic-Generating Article
Issue #219 - At Last a Way to Get Rid of All of Those Widgets
Issue #218 - Forums for Fun and Profit
Issue #217 - How to Get Traffic for Your New Website
Issue #216 - Make One Time Offers That Convert
Issue #215 - Increase Your Profits With No Extra Work
Issue #214 - Wake The Dead
Issue #213 - You Too Can Deliver A Profitable Teleseminar
Issue #212 - NakedPLR.com Review
Issue #211 - Guru Sales Page Distilled
Issue #210 - Public Domain Profit Machine
Issue #209 - Autoresponders Revisited Part 2
Issue #208 - Autoresponders Revisited
Issue #207 - Are You a Positive Thinker?
Issue #206 - Digital Powerhouse Secrets
Issue #205 - Video Marketing for Cash Lovers
Issue #204 - Get Beyond The Newbie
Issue #203 - Squeeze ‘Em Hard
Issue #202 - 10 Actions for Your Success
Issue #201 - How's Your Internet Video?
Issue #200 - How to Use Ebooks for Marketing and Promotion
Issue #199 - Does your copywriting stink?
Issue #198 - Successful Squeeze Pages
Issue #197 - Need an Idea? Steal an Idea.
Issue #196 - Crappy Advertising Methods That Work
Issue #195 - Make Money with Free Ebooks
Issue #194 - The One Thing That Guarantees Your Failure
Issue #193 - Make Your Own YouTube Videos
Issue #192 - Marketing Techniques Compendium Part 2
Issue #191 - Marketing Techniques Compendium Part 1
Issue #190 - Two Hours to Success
Issue #189 - What Value Your Product?
Issue #188 - Secure Your Computers
Issue #187 - Guru? Who? You!
Issue #186 - When is Internet Marketing Worthwhile?
Issue #185 - Evaluating Your Internet Marketing
Issue #184 - Cheap, Effective, Internet Marketing
Issue #183 - Setting Up Your Own Videos (html)
Issue #182 - Using Online Courses for Internet Marketing (html)
Issue #181 - How to Run Your Own Teleseminar (html)
Issue #180 - The Importance of an Affiliate Program to Membership Sites (html)   >>(pdf format)
Issue #179 - Frank Kern Free Build Your List Video (html)   >>(pdf format)
Issue #178 - How to Make Your Business "Click" (html)   >>(pdf format)
Issue #177 - Boost Your Business With Blogging! (html)   >>(pdf format)
Issue #176 - Internet Marketing For You (html)   >>(pdf format)
Issue #175 - YouTube and Your Business (html)   >>(pdf format)
Issue #174 - Should You Hire a Copywriter? (html)   >>(pdf format)
Issue #173 - Your Internet Marketing Consultant (html)   >>(pdf format)
Issue #172 - Market Yourself on Message Boards (html)   >>(pdf format)
Issue #171 - Make Your Marketing Pay Off (html)   >>(pdf format)
Issue #170 - Getting a “Buzz” On (html)   >>(pdf format)
Issue #169 - Advertise for Free (pdf only)
Issue #168 - Starting a Membership Site (pdf only)
Issue #167 - Is Internet Marketing Working for You? (pdf only)
Issue #166 - 5 Reasons to Work at Home (pdf only)
Issue #165 - Successful Web Design (pdf only)
Issue #164 - How to Make Money in the Niches
Issue #163 - How to Use On-line Courses for Internet Marketing
Issue #162 - Churning out eZine Content
Issue #161 - Streaming Video - Are You Using It Effectively?
Issue #160 - Sitemaps 101 – How to Create a Sitemap for Your Web Site
Issue #159 - The Fine Line between Internet Marketing and Spam
Issue #158 - Top 5 Ways To Generate Low Cost Web Site Traffic
Issue #157 - Recommend Products To Increase Your Profits
Issue #156 - Make Money With Adsense
Issue #155 - Boost Your Affiliate Commissions Overnight
Issue #154 - Write Your Own Killer Sales Letter
Issue #153 - Are You Building Relationships?
Issue #152 - Generating Traffic For to Your F.R.O.P. System
Issue #151 - Internet Marketing and the Future
Issue #150 - How to Succeed in Any Business
Issue #149 - Three Things You Need to Survive On-line
Issue #148 - Is this Marketing Technique Losing You Money?
Issue #147 - Are Your Efforts Being Sabotaged by these Five Time Wasters?
Issue #146 - Is Your Search Engine Ranking Being Penalized?
Issue #145 - Why You Need an Autoresponder
Issue #144 - Just Starting Out - Get a System
Issue #143 - The Principal Law Of On-line Moneymaking Ventures
Issue #142 - Create a Free Report in one Hour!
Issue #141 - On-line Business Start-up Checklist
Issue #140 - The First Five Steps to More Traffic
Issue #139 - What Exactly Is Web 2.0
Issue #138 - Your Web Site as a Storefront
Issue #137 - Create Unconventional Information Products For Your On-line Business
Issue #136 - Making money on Ebay
Issue #135 - Why Paying For Your Traffic Is A Smart Move
Issue #134 - Effectively Using Overture/Yahoo To Get Web site Visitors
Issue #133 - Ten Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Have A Web Presence
Issue #132 - The 3 Things To Avoid When Emailing Your List
Issue #131 - 7 Surefire Ways To Increase Your Traffic Starting Yesterday
Issue #130 - 6 Red Hot Tips To Get Your Articles Read
Issue #129 - Get Top Writers Working For You
Issue #128 - Make People Click
Issue #127 - Tools to monitor your web site
Issue #126 - Entertain, Enlighten or Sell
Issue #125 - Viral Marketing 101 - Not Using This Could Kill Your Business!
Issue #124 - How To Become A Super Affiliate In Niche Markets
Issue #123 - How to Choose an Affiliate Program
Issue #122 - How to Create Articles Using Public Domain Material!
Issue #121 - The New Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Issue #120 - How to Create an Article Using an Outline
Issue #119 - Using an Autoresponder to Publish an Ezine
Issue #118 - 4 Ways To Get Your Subscribers To Trust You Quickly
Issue #117 - Increase Your Income With Videos
Issue #116 - Drive Traffic To Your Site With A Tell A Friend Script
Issue #115 - Blog, Tag & Ping
Issue #114 - Get Traffic For Free
Issue #113 - Advertising Through Articles
Issue #112 - Are You Wasting or Investing Your Time?
Issue #111 - Creative and Profitable Ways to Use Autoresponders
Issue #110 - 7 Reasons Why You Should Write an eBook
Issue #109 - Secrets of Winning Traffic through Search Engines
Issue #108 - Evaluating Web Site Performance
Issue #107 - Pay Per Click and Your Business
Issue #106 - So how can you make your article worth reading?
Issue #105 - Feel, Felt, Found
Issue #104 - 3 Reasons Why Adsense Is Essential For Content Sites
Issue #103 - Marketing Disney Style
Issue #102 - How to Write an Ebook
Issue #101 - 25 Selling Phrases
Issue #100 - Back End Selling
Issue #99 - Joint Venture Marketing Not a Country Club
Issue #98 - Keywords—Optimizing Your Site to Get Top Billing at Search Engines
Issue #97 - Web Hosting Options
Issue #96 - AdSense Income
Issue #95 - Blogs
Issue #94 - Setting up Your Own Affiliate Program - Part 2
Issue #93 - Setting up Your Own Affiliate Program - Part 1
Issue #92 - Analyzing Web site Traffic
Issue #91 - Banner Ads
Issue #90 - Make Good Money from Affiliate Programs
Issue #89 - eBooks are Promotional Powerhouses
Issue #88 - Creating Effective Ads
Issue #87 - Negotiate Everything
Issue #86 - Site Navigation
Issue #85 - Web Copy
Issue #84 - Advertising in Ezines
Issue #83 - Creating Newsletters That Sell As Well As Inform
Issue #82 - What businesses are succeeding on the Net?
Issue #81 - Autoresponders - Part Two
Issue #79 - Managing Your List: Paid List Servers vs. Free List Servers

Guest Editorial- changes regularly

Jim Green & Associates

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